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Cardiovascular Revitalizer

Cardiovascular Revitalizer Frankenstein Monster This kit poses the question “What happened to the Monster between Bride and Son?” As a big fan of the Frankenstein Creature, I was immediately drawn to this 13-part resin and styrene kit when I saw it at Wonderfest 2019. It’s a very unique concept that’s expressed by Matthew Lawrence of… Read More
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Baroness Samedi: Voodoo Priestess

Baroness Samedi Voodoo Priestess Baroness Samedi is a gender play based off of Baron Samedi, the king of Haitian Voodoo.  There are 76 separate pieces in this 1:4 scale build, which was sculpted by Manuel Andrade and distributed by 5th Freedom Models under the name “Voodoo Doll.” It’s a large resin piece measuring 21” high… Read More
Silent Screams #5: The Mesmerist

The Mesmerist: Silent Screams #5

The Mesmerist Silent Screams #5 This Crimson Pool Productions kit is based upon the character portrayed by Boris Karloff from the 1926 silent film “The Bells.” It consists of four pieces case in resin; the bust, hat, glasses and a stone base. Ray Santoleri sculpted the piece, which is fully licensed through Karloff Enterprises and… Read More
Gothic Mummy

The Mummy: Gothic Nightmares #1

The Mummy Gothic Nightmares #1 This is a two-piece resin bust based upon the 1959 Hammer film “The Mummy” as portrayed by Sir Christopher Lee.   Additions I included a wood base purchased at a craft store along with a 7” high plywood back and a 5” x 7” photo of the 1959 movie poster,… Read More
Mr Hyde

Mr. Hyde: Silent Screams #3

Mr. Hyde Silent Screams #3 This is a five-piece resin bust based upon the 1920 silent film “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” as portrayed by John Barrymore and sculpted by Ray Santoleri. This was my first kit painted in gray scale.   Additions I included a 5”wide x 3 ¼” deep x 1” high wood base… Read More
Demons of the Apocalypse #1: Death:

Death: Demons of the Apocalypse #1

Death Demons of the Apocalypse #1 This kit is a great addition to my collection of Grim Reaper based models. I highly recommend it.  This is a 4-piece resin and vinyl (skull) kit designed by Ron Leker and sculpted by Sean Kyle, distributed by Crimson Pool Productions in 1:4 scale.  It’s a new and interesting… Read More
Nosferatu Mini

Nosferatu: Blackheart Models Micro Mania Series

Nosferatu Blackheart Models Micro Mania Series Kit Nosferatu is a classic horror figure and when I saw this version I knew exactly how I wanted to display it, which is explained in detail below.  These are two Blackheart Models Micro Mania Series kits; the Nosferatu figure was sculpted by Tim Bruckner and the base by… Read More
Haxan Devil

The Haxan Devil: Silent Screams #4

The Haxan Devil Silent Screams #4 “The devil is everywhere and takes all shapes. He shows himself as a nightmare, a raging demon, a seducer, a lover and a knight.” This kit is a four piece resin bust based upon the 1922 silent film “Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages” as portrayed by Benjamin Christensen, sculpted… Read More
I Belong Dead!

I Belong Dead!

I Belong Dead! This is another interesting take on the Frankenstein creature, kind of an imagined ending to the Universal Frankenstein saga. This is an approximately 1:5 scale resin and metal kit designed by Matthew Lawrence and sculpted by Bran McGuire. It’s distributed by Starlighting Projects. There are 23 resin and metal pieces in the… Read More

Der Golem – Silent Screams #1

Der Golem Silent Screams #1 This is a two-piece resin bust based upon the 1920 silent German expressionist film “Der Golem” as portrayed by Paul Wegener and sculpted by Ray Santoleri. It’s the first in a series of busts based on silent film characters that’s produced and distributed by Crimson Pool Productions.   Additions I… Read More