Kothoga Creature

From “The Relic”

This kit is a very accurate description of the Stan Winston Studios creature from the 1997 movie “The Relic”, another one of my favorites. 

This is a Pegasus Hobbies kit in 1:12 scale designed by Mark McCreery and sculpted by Galileo Hernandez Nunez. It consists of 33 pieces; 20 cast in PVC thermoplastic resin and 13 in styrene plastic.



Modifications to the build included sanding off the lettering on the nameplate and replacing it with a new nameplate downloaded from the Google Images that includes information from the original movie. I also added drool to the Relic’s mouth and the base using hot glue. 

Kit Manufacturer
Pegasus Hobbies
Galileo Hernandez Nunez/Mark McCreery
People Involved
Only Me
Kolthoga Creature
Kolthoga Creature

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