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Frankenstein Monster

This kit poses the question “What happened to the Monster between Bride and Son?”

As a big fan of the Frankenstein Creature, I was immediately drawn to this 13-part resin and styrene kit when I saw it at Wonderfest 2019. It’s a very unique concept that’s expressed by Matthew Lawrence of Starlighting Projects in the following quote: “What happened to the Monster between Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstien?  As we all know Henry Frankenstein didn’t die at the end of Bride of Frankenstein. Of course he couldn’t leave his creation to wither in the debris of the destroyed laboratory so he returns and conducts new experiments to bring The Frankenstein Artifact back to life!”



A metal L bracket was epoxied to the inside of the machine body and an earth magnet was glued to the bottom of the top plate to secure the top plate to the machine body. The laboratory base from Moebeus Models Bride of Frankenstein kit was used to give the build a suitable backdrop. Labware glasses from various craft stores were used on the shelving. A woodcraft plaque was used to strengthen and handle the model. A Starlighting Projects’ Scary Skull was added to the base along with lab bottles and anatomy prints (downloaded from Google Images). 

Kit Manufacturer
Starlighting Projects
Jeff Yagher (Frankenstein bust), Matthew Lawrence (all other pieces & lighting)
People Involved
Mark McGovern (provided the Bride of Frankenstein base)
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