“That’s Just Disturbing”

This build has no ties to movie or TV creatures, it’s just plain creepy and was a lot of fun to customize. 

This 1:6 scale resin bust sculpted by CaseyLove came with six worms. Six more were added using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, which was also used to sculpt the area joining the bust and the Jimmy Flintstone base. Aves Apoxie Sculpt was built up in layers to fill in the area between the two pieces and a rubber mold of the creature’s chest was used on the front of the build to better join the creature to the base visually.



The nameplate came from D&F Decker Jewelers. 

Casey Love
Base Manufacturer
Jimmy Flintstone Studios
People Involved
Only Me
Full Bust Nightmare
CloseUp Nightmare
CloseUp Nightmare Blurry

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