Baroness Samedi

Voodoo Priestess

Baroness Samedi is a gender play based off of Baron Samedi, the king of Haitian Voodoo. 

There are 76 separate pieces in this 1:4 scale build, which was sculpted by Manuel Andrade and distributed by 5th Freedom Models under the name “Voodoo Doll.” It’s a large resin piece measuring 21” high by 10” wide with a 9” diameter base.



A Rubbermaid turntable was added to the base to give contest judges complete visibility without touching it, John Bead Corp. Champignon glass beads in 6/0 size were added to the necklace and goats head staff, a removable cloth skirt was added to replace the two piece resin skirt, extra feathers were added to the goats head staff, a Geometric Designs skull was added to the base, an extra skull from a Halloween necklace was added to her bustier and three Darice Floral Embellishments red roses were added to the front of the large skull. Model railroad ballast in various sizes was scattered around the base.

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Voodoo Priestess Full Model

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