The Piper II


“Sitting on a park bench”; the opening lyric and guitar riff to Jethro Tull’s iconic album “Aqualung.” This build pays tribute to this recording depicting the band’s leader Ian Anderson on stage with his alter ego, Aqualung.

There are 63 pieces in this 1:7 scale resin kit (not counting 162 pieces of wood stage flooring), distributed by John Apgar’s Rock-Kit Productions (kit #22). The two dimensional Aqualung alter ego was sculpted by Ray Santoleri, the Piper figure by David Grant, the LP base, microphone stand base & microphone, flute & guitar by John Apgar, the base plates & lettering by Mark Kaelin, Marshall & Fender amplifiers by Al Reborio and guitar stand by Mike Gravenese. Please note that the kit only provides the figures, turntable and nameplate lettering; the amplifiers, microphone, cables, guitar and stand were purchased separately from Rock-Kit Productions.



A Berlingher guitar amplifier that was used for the shadow box. The Grammy Award is a lamp finial, beer cans came from Dollhouse Miniatures, concert posters and a Metallica logo were downloaded from Google Images and framed with wood strips. Pulsating ceiling lights as well as the bottom LED light strip came from Starlighting Projects and a sound unit that plays the album “Aqualung” consisting of a battery powered speaker unit and an IPod is also used, playing the album on a continuous loop. 

Kit Manufacturer
Rock-Kit Productions Kit #22
Ray Santoleri (Aqualung figure), David Grant (The Piper), John Apgar (LP base, microphone stand base & microphone, flute and guitar), Mark Kaelin (base plates & lettering), Al Reborio (Marshall & Fender amplifiers) and Mike Gravenese (guitar stand)
People Involved
Myself along with Matthew Lawrence (custom lighting effects)

Maiocco Models: Jethro Tull - Piper II Model Build

Jethro Tull Aqualung

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