Der Golem

Silent Screams #1

This is a two-piece resin bust based upon the 1920 silent German expressionist film “Der Golem” as portrayed by Paul Wegener and sculpted by Ray Santoleri.

It’s the first in a series of busts based on silent film characters that’s produced and distributed by Crimson Pool Productions.



I included a green floodlight from Starlighting Projects that was used to give the figure the green hue as seen in several research photos along with a wood shadow box style base built from ¼” plywood and various plywood and basswood strips that hide the battery pack for the floodlight.  It contains a nameplate that was downloaded from the opening credits of the 1920 film “Der Golem: How He Came Into The World (1920)”.

Ray Santoleri
People Involved
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Der Golem Glow
Name Plate Der Golem
Standalone Der Golem

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