I Belong Dead!

This is another interesting take on the Frankenstein creature, kind of an imagined ending to the Universal Frankenstein saga.

This is an approximately 1:5 scale resin and metal kit designed by Matthew Lawrence and sculpted by Bran McGuire. It’s distributed by Starlighting Projects. There are 23 resin and metal pieces in the basic kit and Matt also included a Starlighting Projects Terror Torch when I bought it at Wonderfest 2017. It represents the skeleton of the Frankenstein monster and is one of my larger builds, coming in at 19” high, 9” wide and 8” deep.



I made several  additions to the kit. A Starlighting Projects Flashing Phantom Footlight was placed behind the nameplate to illuminate the skeleton. Two Geometric human skulls were added to the base, one on each side of the nameplate. Bolt heads were added to the front of the metal wall plate with earth magnets being used to hold this plate to the stone wall for display; enabling me to remove the skeleton and chain that are attached for safer transport. I also used heavier chain that looks more appropriate for the skeleton and added cobwebs to the base made from stretched surgical cotton.

Kit Manufacturer
Starlighting Projects
Brian McGuire & Matthew Lawrence
People Involved
Myself & Matt Lawrence, who gave me valuable information on painting/staining bones.
I Belong Dead!

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