Blackheart Models Micro Mania Series Kit

Nosferatu is a classic horror figure and when I saw this version I knew exactly how I wanted to display it, which is explained in detail below. 

These are two Blackheart Models Micro Mania Series kits; the Nosferatu figure was sculpted by Tim Bruckner and the base by Christian Hanson. The base consists of two resin pieces and the figure was cast in one resin piece with two white metal hands. The base is 4 5/8” tall x 3” wide; the figure is 3 ¾” tall. 



I included a metal candle holder base with a glass front; the rear glass was replaced with plywood that was painted black. A Starlighting Projects Flashing Phantom Floodlight was placed above the figure to illuminate him. Cobwebs made from surgical cotton were added to the stone base. This can be displayed by either hanging it from a hook or placing it on a bookcase. 

Kit Manufacturer
Blackheart Models
Tim Bruckner (figure) & Christian Hanson (base)
People Involved
Only Me
Nosferatu Mini

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